Worker installing wood floor for patio

Worker installing wood floor for patio

Whether it’s a brand new deck installation on a home or refinishing or refurbishing an existing deck, Zio Roofing & Construction can handle the job!

New decks can be made of wood or composite materials. Roofs, built-ins, grills, and other desirable items can be added, as well.

We’ve got design specialists available to tailor a project to your desires and home!

Existing wood decks need maintenance and upkeep to keep out the Deck_Stainingelements. Colorado is home to high UV exposure and extreme weather conditions. This combination leads to a catastrophic combination for wood decks if they are not maintained properly.

There are many different types of stains and coating available depending on your needs. Most existing stains can be matched if the same color and finish are desired.

Zio Roofing & Construction can refinish the stain on your deck, replace boards as needed, and do most other work needed to bring decks back to their original state. We also have relationships with building engineers if additions or reinforcement is needed.